Tooth size and dental arch dimensions: A stereophotogrammetric study in Southeast Asian Malays

Ar Al-Khatib, Z. A. Rajion, S. M. Masudi, R. Hassan, Peter Anderson, G. C. Townsend

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Objective- To investigate tooth size and dental arch dimensions in Malays using a stereophotogrammetric system. Setting and Sample Population- The sample consisted of 252 subjects with ages ranged from 13 to 30years. Materials and Methods- Images of dental casts were captured by stereophotogrammetry and selected variables were measured using a three-dimensional (3D) imaging system. Sex differences and changes associated with age were assessed, and interrelationships between different variables were explored within the study group. Results- Men had significantly larger mesio-distal crown widths and dental arch dimensions than women (p<0.05). None of the dental arch dimensions or mesio-distal crown widths showed a significant change because of age except the widths of the upper canine, lower first molar and central incisor. Significant correlations of tooth size with dental arch dimensions were found, particularly with arch lengths and perimeters. A principal component analysis showed interrelationships between the majority of tooth size variables with inter-canine width, arch length and perimeter distances. Conclusion- This study has established new reference data for tooth size and arch dimensions in Malays and demonstrated patterns of variation that are relevant to anthropologists interested in making comparisons within and between different populations and also to clinicians developing treatment plans for their patients. The study confirmed the accuracy of the 3D photogrammetric method for measuring dental casts.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)243-253
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JournalOrthodontics and Craniofacial Research
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2011
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  • Dental arch
  • Principal component analysis
  • Stereophotogrammetry
  • Tooth size

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