The performance of the Child Support Grant: Review and research priorities

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This article reports the findings of a review on the performance of the Child Support Grant (CSG) programme. It suggests that the CSG impact theory is sound, the programme has in general been implemented well and the limited research on impact is suggestive of it achieving its ultimate objectives of reducing child deprivation and promoting human capital development. It points to the vastness of the child poverty that remains to be addressed and raises the concern that in spite of young children being prioritised in the roll out of the CSG, child poverty incidence may be highest in children aged zero to four. Weaknesses in programme implementation are identified, as well as research priorities in three areas: the child poverty profile, CSG programme implementation and CSG impact.

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JournalDevelopment Southern Africa
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2013


  • Child Support Grant
  • child development
  • child poverty
  • child social assistance
  • unconditional cash transfer

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