The CSIRO total wellbeing diet book 1: Sociodemographic differences and impact on weight loss and well-being in Australia

Belinda Wyld, Adam Harrison, Manny Noakes

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Objective The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet (TWD) publication is an evidence-based weight management strategy utilising a structured higher protein diet as part of a nutritionally balanced lifestyle programme. Despite its popularity, the impact of TWD on weight status, weight loss and food choices of Australians was unknown.Design An independent representative survey was conducted in 2006. Sociodemographic differences in awareness, use of TWD and the impact on weight status and well-being were investigated via computer-aided telephone interviews and web-based surveys.Setting Australia.Subjects A total of 5026 men and women aged 18-60 years.Results Consumers were highly aware of TWD (66 %) with personal use reported by 75 % of the total sample (n 5026). An additional 25 % (126 people) were members of a household that used TWD. In all, 80 % of TWD purchasers actively used the eating plan with approximately 38 % losing an average self-reported weight loss of 57 kg (sd = 172 kg; range = 1-13 kg). Results showed that awareness was greatest among women (7379 % v. 5827 %), those over 50 years of age (6939 % v. 6288 %) with no children in the household (6900 % v. 6488 %), tertiary educated people (7258 % v. 6322 %) and those with more previous weight loss attempts (7966 % v. 7024 %). Logistic regression was unable to predict an identifiable sociodemographic profile of TWD users.Conclusions The present study shows widespread uptake of TWD in Australia with few sociodemographic differences. Self-reported increased awareness of nutrition and well-being as well as weight loss indicates that TWD has been a successful delivery mechanism for lifestyle advice.

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JournalPublic Health Nutrition
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2010


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