Outcome of prosthesis matched and unmatched patella components in primary and revision total knee replacement

Peter L. Lewis, Ai E. Gamboa, David G. Campbell, Michelle Lorimer

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Background Although knee replacements have specifically designed patella prostheses that correspond to the geometry of their femoral components, a patella prosthesis that is unmatched to the femoral component may occasionally be inserted. In revision total knee arthroplasty (TKA), an originally resurfaced patella may be left, but the femoral component revised to one that does not match the patella. Few studies have compared the outcome of matched and unmatched patella components in TKA. This study compared the primary or revision TKA outcome of procedures where patella components matched to their femoral counterparts were inserted, with procedures using patella and femoral components that were unmatched. Methods Data on all primary and revision TKA procedures without a patella component or a matched or an unmatched patella component were obtained from the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR). Revision surgery was the outcome measure. Cumulative percent revised (CPR) were calculated and Hazard ratios with p values were used to test statistical significance. Results In primary TKA, there were higher rates of revision where unmatched patella components were used, regardless of implant design. There was no difference in the second revision rates of unmatched versus matched patella component groups. This was evident where delayed resurfacing was carried out, and where the patella prosthesis was left alone but the femoral component was changed. Conclusions All primary TKA procedures require a patella component corresponding to the femoral component if the patella is resurfaced. Conversely, revision knee arthroplasties are not affected by the use of dissimilar patella and femoral components.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2017


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