Knockout of p75NTR impairs re-myelination of injured sciatic nerve in mice

Xing Yun Song, Fiona Zhou, Jin Hua Zhong, Linda L.Y. Wu, Xin Fu Zhou

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Remyelination is an important aspect of nerve regeneration after nerve injury but the underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. The neurotrophin receptor, p75NTR, in activated Schwann cells in the Wallerian degenerated nerve is up-regulated and may play a role in the remyelination of regenerating peripheral nerves. In the present study, the role of p75 NTR in remyelination of the sciatic nerve was investigated in p75NTR mutant mice. Histological results showed that the number of myelinated axons and thickness of myelin sheath in the injured sciatic nerves were reduced in mutant mice compared with wild-type mice. The myelin sheath of axons in the intact sciatic nerve of adult mutant mice is also thinner than that of wild-type mice. Real-time RT-PCR showed that mRNA levels for myelin basic protein and P0 in the injured sciatic nerves were significantly reduced in p75NTR mutant animals. Western blots also showed a significant reduction of P0 protein in the injured sciatic nerves of mutant animals. These results suggest that p75NTR is important for the myelinogenesis during the regeneration of peripheral nerves after injury.

Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Neurochemistry
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2006
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