History and Epidemiology of Depression

Ma Li Wong

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Both history and epidemiology offer the opportunity to organize complex and multifaceted facts that enlighten our understanding of major depression, an ancient medical mystery that has been proven to be continually elusive in spite of advances in molecular biology, genomics and proteomics. Several interrelated questions await answers: When will we be able to fully address the controversies that surround this disorder? Are our difficulties associated with the fact that we consider this to be a disorder related to intrinsic human feelings? Will we be able to objectively evaluate our own liabilities and fears? We live in an era that has been called "the age of melancholy". Is it sensible to assume that a reasonable proportion of people could be considered as suffering from a mental disease, for which we know of no cure and for which we prescribe long-term treatment? As we confront ourselves with these considerations, we hope that a deeper and fresh look into these problems will give us a better insight into this disorder.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBiology of Depression
Subtitle of host publicationFrom Novel Insights to Therapeutic Strategies
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