Fluoridation 1. Effects on children's caries rates and professionally defined requirements for dental care

D. M. Roder, P. S. Sundram

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Abstract— In 1977, after six years of fluoridation in South Australia, 337 six year‐olds with continuous fluoride‐drinking‐water histories had DMFT values 53–2 per cent lower and df values 48–5 per cent lower than base‐line values. For five to six year‐olds presenting for follow‐up care in the School Dental Service in 1977, continuous intake of fluoridated water evidently had reduced: (1) the number of teeth needing restorations by 40–0 per cent; (2) the total care items required by 32–6 per cent: (3) the total time required for care by 37–5 per cent; and (4) the fee‐for‐service value of care required by 34 ‐3 per cent. 1980 Australian Dental Association

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JournalAustralian Dental Journal
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 1980
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