Chapter 4: You Can’t Have One without the other.

Helen Askell-Williams, Michael Coughlan, Michael J Lawson, Felicity Lewis, Rosalind Murray-Harvey, Kim O'Donnell, Judith Peppard, Phillip Slee, Simone Ulalka Tur

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


This chapter was written in a spirit of collaboration involving Indigenous and non-Indigenous teachers and researchers. The ideas it contains were generated in the course of a series of shared meals involving the authors, at which lively
discussion centred around educational and wellbeing issues affecting Indigenous peoples.
We start with a story from one of our authors that tells about the possibility of change. The need for change is highlighted by a short review of the dire situation in health and education for many Indigenous peoples. We argue
firstly for a recognition of the importance of transactions, or reciprocal relations, among elements of complex systems such as education and health. We review existing literature on the education–health nexus and consider the applicability
of extant research findings to the situations of Indigenous Australians. We then consider contemporary issues in education, such as constructivism and self-regulated learning, with a view to considering how these might inform
recommendations for change. A number of areas where change could be effected are then discussed. The first of these involves re-conceptualisation of the multi-level system that influences outcomes in education and wellbeing. Change is also required in the theoretical perspectives used to inform
the educational research agenda, in consideration of where, and with whom, educational efforts might be made. We consider how recent research on conceptual change might provoke new locations and imperatives for educational action. Finally, we recommend areas for future research such that ensuing practices are founded on good quality knowledge.
Title of host publication'Beyond Bandaids - exploring the underlying social determinants of Aboriginal Health
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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Askell-Williams, H., Coughlan, M., Lawson, M. J., Lewis, F., Murray-Harvey, R., O'Donnell, K., ... Ulalka Tur, S. (2007). Chapter 4: You Can’t Have One without the other. In 'Beyond Bandaids - exploring the underlying social determinants of Aboriginal Health (pp. 56-76)