Canadian bacterial diseases network: a new approach to university-industry relationships

Robert Hancock, T. E. McCurry

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Bacterial diseases are a substantial problem worldwide.Their diagnosis and therapy form the basis of a multibillion dollar industry. This industry is dynamic and is continuously revitalized by research. The Canadian Bacterial Diseases Network (CBDN) was established to capitalize on the enhanced opportunities that now exist for the rapid progression of an idea from conceptualization to implementation and, ultimately, commercialization. CBDN is one of 15 networks of Centres of Excellence, a Federal Government initiative whose intention is to improve Canada's economic competitiveness in the global market. CBDN research involves fundamental science, is broadly-based, and encompasses all aspects of bacterial diseases. Current projects include the investigations of strategies to block Pseudomonas aeruginosa binding to epithelial cells and a novel anti-toxin approach for Escherichia coli. Also CBDN is investigating the basis for antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, and is devising improved procedures for overcoming such resistance mechanisms. CBDN is only 28 months into its first 4-year mandate; however, considerable successes have been enjoyed to date.

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JournalClinical and Investigative Medicine
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Publication statusPublished or Issued - 1 Dec 1993
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